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Fanatec CSL Review

May 22, 2013
The fanatec CSL is fanatec's budget seat. The CSL used to be known as the rinoseat GTR until fanatec struck up a partnership with rinoseat for the seat to be sold under the fanatec brand.


The packaging the box came in was nice and protected the frame well with all the parts being well rapped in plastic and the Foam seat cushion giving additional protection. 


The instructions for assembly were relatively basic with pictures showing you what to do. All of the parts are labelled making it easy to see which parts go where although I found that a couple of the stickers had fell off. That wasn't a real issue as it was obvious which part was which on the parts with no stickers as they were very different parts ( one was a tube the other was a bag of screws).

Assembling the seat took around 4 hours including the time it took to adjust it which added a good 1 hour I'd say. The frame is a tubular design which means everything slots into place and then you inset screws through the tubing to lock it into place. The tubing doesn't always easily fit into place and some force is necessary to fit certain parts in properly. I don't see the time taken to assemble as a big issue as once its done there isn't really any need to do it again!


The frame is highly adjustable although adjusting it can take some time. For example to move the wheel further away from the seat you need to unscrew 6 screws then of course put the screws back in once you've moved it. I can take a while getting the tubes to all fit back into a position to allow the screws to tighten properly hence the time taken. 

The angle the wheel is at can also be adjusted on the frame by simply screwing and unscrewing and moving the wheel holder around. The pedal angle is also adjustable again by screwing and moving certain parts. 

I would say that people shouldn't be put off it just because it takes time to adjust as unless you are going to have many people using it there is only really a need to adjust it to your own liking, once you've done that you shouldn't have to adjust it again.

The seat i would say can be adjusted to a size appropriate for children of 10 and above and can accommodate people of many sizes. 

The seat

The seat itself is also made from a frame of 5 parts. This helps towards keeping the size and weight of the box down. You assemble the tubing then add a sponge cushion then the black cover goes over the tubing and cushion to make it look like a bucket seat.

The seat feels pretty comfortable with there being lots of support for the shoulder areas in particular. The seat is also adjustable simply on a rail so that takes a lot less time than moving the other parts.


The frame is nice and strong and I noticed no flex whilst using it with the Fanatec CSR Elite and CSR pedals. I did have to regularly tighten the screws though around once a week to keep this rigidity.


The seat looks great and I would guess many people would be proud to have it as there rig. The black and grey seat with the all black frame does give a nice racer feel to it and the seating position and the seat itself looks like one you'd find in a touring car.


The seat is compatible with all fanatec wheels and pedal sets as well as the Thrustmaster T500 and the Logitech g27. The Logitech DFGT however sadly isn't compatible which is a shame for a lot of people.

Price and affordability

At £300 the seat is neither cheap or expensive and represents reasonable value for money. With it you get the Shifter holder which for a lot of mid range rigs is an optional extra. The seat does have a premium feel to it once assembled and I would speculate most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference between this and a £500 rig on initial inspection.


Overall I feel this rig is a great purchase for people getting onto the sim racing ladder. It offers good adjustability and also good comfort at the same time not effecting the looks of the seat. 


March 20, 2012
This wheel is one of the official forza motorsport 4 wheels produced by fanatec in recent months. Here I will tell you my thoughts! The wheel is without doubt the best multi platform wheel on the market. Here I will tell you my thoughts!



The wheel came in some extremely secure packaging. There was a lot of padding all around the wheel and base etc and when it got to me there was no scratches or dints as you would expect when paying so much for a wheel! 

The documentation inside the b...

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Fanatec CSR review. + CSR ELITE pedals and CSR shifter

October 9, 2011

Currently fanatec are holding a QA exclusively for GTP and wheelreviews members.

Please email all questions to me: or post here on GTP
 Here is my first ever detailed review.

  The wheel I am reviewing is the Fanatec CSR wheel as well as the CSR elite pedal set and the CSR shifter. The wheel is licensed by Turn 10 for their upcoming forza motorsport 4. 

The Wheel
The Fanatec CSR is a wheel that has a racey feel to it...
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Fanatec CSR initial impressions..

October 9, 2011
After a few hours of gameplay I have decided to tell you all about my experience with this wheel so far.

The first game I played on with this wheel was GT5. I have chosen GT5 for this write up as it is the game I have spent the most time on as the Forza Motorsport 3 demo is relatively untouched.

 I used Darin Gangis wheel settings (for Forza 4) but they seemed pretty good with GT5. 

Here thay are:

DRI: 3
ABS: 65

 The track I decided to go for was Nurburgring GP/F as it...
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Fanatec CSR wheel unboxing- and what to expect this week.

October 8, 2011

Hi just finished editing and uploading the unboxing.. sorry about the quality. Some higher quality clips are uploading and I will link them here ASAP.

Plan for the week:
Sunday- Thursday  Gameplay Videos
Friday: Review
After that more gameplay anything else you would like.

Thanks Adam.

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New Fanatec BMW GT RIM for CSW

October 2, 2011
Wow today Thomas revealed the  official BMW M3 GT2 rim for ClubSport Wheel and it certainly is a looker. 
The wheel has several buttons and also a rev indicator as well as an LCD display for adjusting wheel settings and so on. 
It also had an analog stick for looking around whilst racing, A dpad for navigation, which is 5 way (4 ways + press down).

This wheel may put some people in a predicament about what rim to buy.. Rest assured I am planning on reviewing both rims. :)

Here's Thomas's statemen...
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Some Important news Regarding Clubsport Rims. (formula + formula 1)

September 29, 2011
Thomas has confirmed that Fanatec will be making an F1 rim.
The one you see here is the Formula Rim which has much less detail and functionality compared to what the F1 rim will have.
Here is what Thomas said on GTP: Well, it looks more like a GP2 rim because it is just like that. The FORMULA rim is not our F1 rim. It is a generic Formula style rim. We will have a real F1 rim later with even more functionality.

As soon as I know more I will update you all.

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CSR Unboxing

September 28, 2011
New unboxing video enjoy. I hope to be doing my own eventually but this will keep you guys going.

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New wheel Table (all the info about CSR, CSR E and CSW wheels and Pedals)

September 24, 2011
View table here

Also in the table is the whole Fanatec range of wheels and pedals.

We can finally confirm that the motors in the in the new clubsport wheel are Mabuchi 550 series like all other fanatec wheels. However their are two of them. An added bonus of the clubsport wheel is that the motors will not get weak when over heated as they will never get to that stage due to the monster fans installed.

As we all new the only wheel with quick release is the clubsport wheel. However one thing we di...
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New Fanatec interview feat. CSR wheel (and feature comparison)

September 7, 2011

New interview from Fanatec CEO Tomas...
He outlines several new features including the detachable rim from the CSR wheel.

Price of base with wheel rim From 599499,95
CompatibilityPC, PS3Xbox
360, PS3, PC
Connection wheel rim to baseQuick releaseDetachable
Hot plugging of wheel rim during gameplayyesno
Analog joystickyesno
5 way encoder switchyesno
Rev indication LEDsyesno
Advanced electronic options (bigger LED screen, more
dialswitches, buttons etc.)
Direct data output plug (not USB)y...

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