Rfactor 2 is the exciting follow up of the extremely popular Rfactor by Image Space Incorporated. The sim is in the Beta Stages currently and can be downloaded by anyone for $43.99 for a year or $84.99 for a life time membership.

The Sim as I say, is still in development and will be ever evolving with constant developments from ISI for years to come even after release. 

Handling so far is looking extremely promising although that is of no real surprise considering the studios past which produced one of the greatest sims ever. The force feedback seems pretty good although still not on par with iracing or Netkar but with time I'm sure they could get there. 

The biggest advantage of this sim is how avaliable mods for cars and tracks which would never be included without the mods due to the costs they would have. Rfactor 2 already has mods for all the cars of the current f1 season which is impressive baring in mind the official game won't be released until close to the end of the season. 

Graphics wise I feel it is a fair bit behind a lot of the sims on the market currently but it would be unfair to judge that yet as its not fully optimised when most games on the market are. 

The most impressive parts of rfactor is just how dynamic it is. The way tyres behave evolves throughout the race and the way you drive effects the wear rate. Wheel spin ruins the tyres quickly and the tyres all have an optimum temperature which gives you the greatest amount of grip.

It isn't just the tyres which are dynamic, the track surface is, over time the more laps completed the more grip will be on track. Rain will wash all this grip away and following the rain the racing line will dry out first if you are driving around on track. There is also day and night transitions.

This sim is well worth checking out and a full review will be out in the future.

Check out the official screenshots: http://rfactor.net/web/rf2/screens2/

There is no current release date set in stone but you can begin playing the Beta immediately on this link: http://rfactor.net/web/rf1/buyonline2/

Vehicles included with Rfactor 2
- Brabham-Repco BT20 – 1966-spec Historic Grand Prix Open Wheel
- Chevrolet Corvette C6.R GT2 – High performance Full Bodied GT2
- EVE – 1966-1968-spec Historic Grand Prix, F2 and F3 Open Wheel
- Formula Renault 3.5 – Renault World Series Open Wheel
- ISI Formula Masters – 2011-spec High Performance Grand Prix Open Wheel
- Nissan 370z – Full Bodied GT4
- Nissan GTR – High performance Full Bodied GT1
- Renault Clio 197 – Renault Clio Cup Small FWD Full Bodied
- Renault Megane Trophy II – Renault Megane Trophy Full Bodied
- Skip Barber 2000 – Skip Barber Racing School Open Wheel
- Spark – 1966-1969-spec Historic Grand Prix, F2 and F3 Open Wheel
- Williams JPH1B – 2012 FIA Formula Two Championship Open Wheel

- Belgium – Historic 1960′s GP Road Circuit
- Brianza – Historic 1960′s GP Circuit
- Lime Rock Park – Permanent Road Course
- Malaysia – Permanent Road Course
- Mills Metro Park – Permanent Road Course
- Monte-Carlo – Historic 1960′s GP Street Circuit
- Palm Beach International Raceway – Permanent Road Course
- Portugal International – Permanent Road Course

Full list of features here: http://rfactor.net/web/rf2/rf2features/