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August 20, 2011
Buying a wheel for a 360 is much more complicated than buying it for PC/PS3. This is because microsoft doesn't install true force feedback drivers that you find on a PC/PS3.

So the range of FFB 360 wheels is 3 currently

Microsoft xbox 360 wheel:
The microsoft wheel produces decent FFB, nothing as good as logitech and Fanatec but usable non the less. 


  •    FFB on 360
  • Racer feel

  •   Due to the wheel being discontinued they are priced very high.
  • Very fragile.
So that was the best FFB budget wheel and that will cost you around £100 unless you search the web for many months.

Fanatec Turbo:
The first premium wheel for 360 wasn't a bad effort from fanatec. They are still fairly expensive, around £170 with pedals, but it is a much better wheel than the 360 wheel.

  •  Porsche badge
  • Good FFB

  •  Not cheap
  • Pedals arent brilliant.

 Fanatec 911 GT2 

A good solid wheel from fanatec and in a different world to the 360 wheel however that is reflected in the price

  •    Great FFB
  • Alacatara leather
  • Porsche badge
  • Premium feel
  • looks great

  •   Expensive (£175 without pedals) 

Wheels coming out soon

Their are also a couple of wheels coming out in the not to distant future from Fanatec. They are the CSR wheel and the CSR elite wheel. The difference isn't huge as far as i know but the elite does come with better force feedback. The elite also features interchanging rims just like the clubsport. However unlike the clubsport you have to manually attach these new rims.
Help buying a wheel
Feel free to use the contact me section of the site or my email: or even the dedicated forums for help choosing a wheel. Thanks 

My wheel Buyers Guide (PC/ PS3)

August 20, 2011
When buying a wheel their are a number of Factors that should influence your decision: 
  1.   Price ( How much are you willing to spend)
  2. Platform ( Xbox 360, PS3 , PC
  3.  Luxurious or Racer
So here are the wheels I recommend:

Logitech DFGT: (£89) (PC/ PS3) (Racer)
Great budget wheel with strong FFB.

  •   The best force feedback from a wheel on this budget.
  • The Price
  • Comfy in hand
Cons :
  •  The pedals are pretty terrible due to lack of resistance and Feel
  • Very loud, however you quickly get used to this. 
  • Lack ...

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