December 12, 2011

Short message,,

Just to confirm I will be reviewing the Fanatec Clubsport Wheel..

Merry Christmas 


As you may have seen..

November 14, 2011
Hi all

As you may have seen.. I recently reviewed the fanatec CSR wheel and elite pedals as well as the shifter..

I hope to reviewing the upcoming fanatec wheels of the future.. :)

Currently fanatec are holding a QA exclusively for GTP and wheelreviews members.

Please email all questions to me: or post here on GTP

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New App and more info regarding the site.

October 1, 2011
Hi everyone...
Thought I'd write a new blog seen as I haven't in a while.
First things first, I have made avaliable an android app. This is the file on the homepage. Unfortunately its not on the android market yet so you may need to fiddle with some settings to get it to work. Full instructions can be found on the home page to the right of the file.
The site itself is growing rapidly. Over 1000 different people look at the site everyday. This is great news as it makes www.wheelreviews.yolasite....
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10 days 3K visitors

August 29, 2011
In 10 days i am proud to say the website has recieved 3000 unique visitors.
Thanks for your support.

Stick around for some exciting news.


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First entry

August 19, 2011
Hi all,

The first entry is going to be dedicated too my sim wheel experience.

My first wheel unfortunately was the mad catz micro, everyones gotta start somewhere, which in all seriousness was awful. So my first tip is not too go near that wheel if you are thinking of getting into Sim Racing.

Swiftly after the mad catz breaking i bought myself a PS3 which was a great move.

My first PS3 wheel was a Logitech DFGT. The wheel is great and costs only £89 which in my opinion is a bargain. Yes the peda...
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