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Also in the table is the whole Fanatec range of wheels and pedals.

We can finally confirm that the motors in the in the new clubsport wheel are Mabuchi 550 series like all other fanatec wheels. However their are two of them. An added bonus of the clubsport wheel is that the motors will not get weak when over heated as they will never get to that stage due to the monster fans installed.

As we all new the only wheel with quick release is the clubsport wheel. However one thing we didn't know is that their is enough electronics for fanatec to create a rim with 111 buttons. Yes you heard right 111. I think and hope for F1 drivers sake that is more than an F1 car uses.

 We also found out that their will be no option to connect your wheel wirelessly to your PC or PS3, only xbox. This is no great loss really but it would have been convenient.

We also found out that the clubsport pedals will still be the only wheels on the market that offer ABS vibration for when you lock up your brakes.

If you were planning on using your G27/5 pedals with the clubsport wheel I bear bad news I'm afraid. Fanatec pedals only. Presumably clubsport pedals but i cannot comfirm that.

As you all know I love to hear what you think.

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