Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a follow on from the highly popular Euro Truck simulator produced by SCS software which produces many different simulators all. The game features licensed Trucks which are highly detailed and at the same time simple enough for the average Joe to drive reasonably well! 

The feature list for the game is rather impressive boasting thousands of miles of real world road and landmarks as well as customisable trucks and the ability to purchase a truck or even a fleet of trucks along with garages to build your own business by taking on your own jobs which are found around the in game Europe.

First I will start with the driving experience which is pretty good. I was using a wheel of course mainly but I did try playing with a keyboard and I found the experience more than playable. The truck does behave how you would expect it to the majority of the time although occasionally at high speeds I would say you have a little more grip than you would find in real life but on the whole the driving experience is superb. Once you get to your destination you then have the small matter of parking up! You can skip this if you do find the struggle to much but I find the challenge or at least completing it extremely satisfying.

Graphically the game is pretty good, certainly better than I expected from my computer so I cannot complain on this front. The land which you drive on all seems to be well modelled and detailed. Of course when I say detailed I mean the areas which the have focused on. All of the in game Cities are far smaller than there real life equivalents and of course the distance between each city is far smaller. For example a commute from London to Manchester can easily be completed in 20 minutes some would argue that is a downside but I personally and I assume the vast majority would feel that, that is long enough. 

The business side of the game is also extremely intuitive yet simple and straight forward. You can choose one of two routes to funding your startup. You can either save up and complete many jobs in order to fund your first truck and garage or the route I took which was to unlock the bank and take the highest loan I possibly could to buy a truck and have plenty of money spare to pay off some of the repayments whilst I was earning. As your fleet grows you can also begin to employ other drivers for your business. This is the game side of the sim and without it I would probably lost interest in the sim within a matter of days yet a month later I am still highly interested in the game and no doubt will be for the foreseeable future.  

Overall I feel Euro Truck Sim 2 is a superb game and well worth a try. Building your business from the ground up in my opinion is the main point of the Sim but the driving experience is certainly enjoyable and both parts complement each other well. 

The Sim is currently only available on Windows PCs however I am reliably told by SCS software that it will be out in the near future.