After a few hours of gameplay I have decided to tell you all about my experience with this wheel so far.

The first game I played on with this wheel was GT5. I have chosen GT5 for this write up as it is the game I have spent the most time on as the Forza Motorsport 3 demo is relatively untouched.

 I used Darin Gangis wheel settings (for Forza 4) but they seemed pretty good with GT5. 

Here thay are:

DRI: 3
ABS: 65

 The track I decided to go for was Nurburgring GP/F as it is a track I am relatively strong at as I have spent many hours practicing their. The car I chose was the AUDI R8 team Oreca as it is the car I have driven the most on the game and a car I feel comfortable pushing with.

The wheel was relatively straight forward to set up although it has the same clamps as all the other Fanatecs which aren't great in my opinion, I prefer the Logitech System as it is very simple and so much quicker that the Fanatec system.

After I'd finished this I headed to the track.
The first thing that I was pleasantly surprised with was the CSR elite Pedals. They may not be the same Specs as clubsports but I certainly don't miss them. The brake pedal resistance is great, so their are genuinely NO excuses for locking brakes on any games.

The next thing I was very happy with was the Paddle system. They give an extremely satisfying click at every change so you 100% know that you have changes gear. Something that DFGT users tend to complain about ( also something I complain about).

The wheel grips are great and extremely ergonomic. The little strips of Alacantara ( an the 3+9 position) feel good and give great gripping points.

One thing that i think will be a problem on games like F1 2011 where you have to use the buttons on the wheel a lot is that the buttons are so far out of reach. I don't think it will be a problem in races but qualifying and practice were it is crucial to open DRS and deploy Kers coming out of corners will possibly slow you down. ( this maybe down to me having small hands LOL).

After trying the CSR shifters I have decided I need more practice before commenting properly but I am finding it difficult finding gears but this maybe me.

The wheel itself does look fantastic and the plastic parts of the rim actually make it look fantastic.

To sumarise I will say that if you need a cross platform wheel then this is the wheel for you although if you prefer a more car like wheel then you may like to consider the Fanatec GT2 as they are very similar in every way.

Check back for a full review soon.