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News: Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel Integral T500 (F1 wheel) UPDATED!!!

September 8, 2011
As the title says It seems their is a new F1 wheel coming out from thrustmaster. It looks fantastic. The wheel it seems is slightly bigger than the standard ferrari wheel but when it looks that good who cares. 
Will Buxton speed TV:
 "Yeah, they had a couple of simulators set up yesterday not with their official program on it (meaning not ferrari's programming) but with the new F1 2011 game that is coming out a little later on this month and they are launching a new kind of steering wheel which you can get for the game which does everything a proper F1 steering wheel should do so I got to drive around Monza with this simulator and I gotta tell you driving around monza anyway was just an absolute joy but then the guy said hey you are not hitting your DRS or KERS, and then it got difficult because you are hitting your DRS every time you are on the straights you are hitting your KERS and the boost you feel with the KERS is UNREAL but then your braking distance is shot to pieces and I suddenly got the most amazing sort of look into how tough it is to be a driver in F1".
I have searched around for some images and here they are: 

 A member of the CM forums found this : 599 euros.
Amazon UK £129 for the Rim.

More news on what works on the wheel:
Dif in
Works and are fully programmable
Also you can map the two analog ministick..

But the rotary swith with:
The Ferrari Logo in the center,
and GRP 

Also It seems like it will be coming out on the 23rd alongside F1 2011.
Update: amozon £549 for this wheel.... however you are better off buying the standard t500 and buying the ferrari rim as an extra.



Thrustmaster F430 Review

August 19, 2011

In my opinion the F430 wheel by Thrustmaster looks great and the wheel itself feels great. However the force feedback is pretty weak. Its not really the budget option as the price is on a par with the DFGT. 


28 centimeters in diameter, the wheel is an exact replica of the Ferrari F430 road car steering wheel. Features include 10 buttons on the wheel and the base, a D-Pad hiding behind the “start engine” button and the wheel’s most innovative feature – The Manettino.

The Manetti...

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T500 RS review

August 19, 2011

In My opinion the T500 is a big waste of money... after playing on it I found it to have great force Feedback but it is only on a par with that of a Fanatec and for an extra £200 I don't think its worth it.
The pedals are good but only as good as a G27 and not in the same league as the clubsports.
However the fact that Thrustmaster have added a feature that allows you to change wheel rims changes my perspective a lot.
The Thrustmaster wheel provides the strongest Force Feedback out of all the w...

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