Just a quick review on the GT Omega Racing Simulator.

Having used Playseat,Obutto,Openwheeler and other race seats in the past few years I think I have finally found what I was looking for.The GT Omega is made by a UK based company who deliver world wide.There are two purchase options for the GT Omega Racing Simulator,a Standard and a Pro version.

With the standard version you get the

Ÿ  GT Omega Racing Chassis Frame

Ÿ  Angled Pedal Mount

Ÿ  Adjustable Wheelmount

Ÿ  Rear Speaker Mounts

Ÿ  Reclinable Race Seat with seat sliders for easy adjustment

Ÿ  Extension bar,all assembly tools and Velcro pads

The Pro version comes with a monitor stand,keyboard and console tray and G25/27 Gearshifter mount.I bought the standard version with the G25/27 gearshifter mount as an extra.

I bought the standard version with the G25/27 gearshifter mount as an extra. My Racing Seat came in two big boxes,one for the race seat and the other for the cockpit frame.Delivery was quick,with everything in the boxes packed neatly and securely.

Setup was straight forward and took about 40 minutes to put together with my G27.There is a good instruction manual on the GT Omega website for anyone that runs into trouble.The front part of the cockpit can be separated from the race seat in a matter of seconds,making it easier to move or store.

Now onto gameplay.Loaded up F1 2010 for a multiplayer marathon. Took me about 5minutes to get comfortable for the racing ahead.All I can say after four hours of intense racing is wow.No back ache,leg cramps or sweating for such a long stint in a racing Seat.A big advantage of the cockpit is no centre bar blocking your legs for access to your pedals.

Then onto dirt 3 for some rallying.The GT Omega has to be the sturdiest, solid rig I have ever used,with absolutely no creaking or movement in the chassis as I threw my Citroen around Finland with gay abandon.

To sum up this is without doubt the best racing/gameseat I have ever used.

Ÿ  Quality,comfortable and stylish race seat.

  Solid powder coated chassis frameŸ No centre bar blocking access to pedal mount

Ÿ  Very competitive price with quick delivery

Would finally like to mention the customer service from GT Omega.It’s first class with

any questions I emailed them with before purchasing answered within hours.

My first time ever giving a race/game seat a  9/10.

User review by Eoghan Delaney