F1 2011 Review

F1 2012 Review

September 27, 2012
F1 2012 is the latest in Codemasters F1 game franchise. The game incorporates Codemasters latest technology and appears to be a vast improvement over last years game in most departments.


I'll start with the handling which is the area I most wanted improving and so far after several days of playing I am very please to say the handling is a massive step up. The back end is properly planted and there is not unlimited front end grip like last years game. If you push too hard it will result in you under steering off the track or take too much kerb you may lose the back end and skid off. Is basically how you would expect a car to handle.

 Brake bias has also been added to the game so you can change it into each corner to hopefully decrease your braking distance or give you more control with it. I personally haven't found it to be massively useful yet but I'm sure I'll get better at using it and find the laptimes.

Some of the custom setups aren't great mind and in my opinion are. A little too understeery although that can soon be fixed by tweaking the setup. The setups are pretty much like last year In terms of the options avaliable however the menus are a lot fresher incorporating the new menu style which looks a lot brighter and less dull.

The penalty system hasn't had a major overhaul from what I can tell as its generally the same but there are certainly some tweeks. Codemasters has added the pit exit rule which means you cannot cross the white line on exit. Doing so will result in a ten place grid penalty. Another change is illegal overtakes which gives you around 5/7 seconds to give a place back if you illegally overtake someone and so far it seems pretty stable and I haven't felt unfairly penalised when asked to give a place back. So a good improvement there.

Parc Fermè has been added to this years game. This basically means as soon as you have driven down out if your garage to qualify you cannot alter any of your setup other than the front wing angle. One problems that is in the current (pre-patch) game is that your setup isn't saved if you exit between the race and qualifying however this will be fixed in the patch I understand, so I'm certainly happy it has made it into the game.

Graphically there has been some improvement especially PS3 where the game is much smoother and the lighting is brighter and a little more life like. However it's still not back to 2010 levels of smoothness but the colours are far superior so I guess it's a balancing act with the performance left in these consoles and I feel Codemasters are getting there.

One of the biggest step ups is the sounds which are much improved, the engine tone is definitely more lifelike and seems to have a lot more grunt and power about it. When you hit the KERS button the sound goes up an extra pitch and sounds even better. I would prefer that to be the sound all the time as KERS is silent in real life but I am told by Codemasters that it is done this way so people know when they are using it. Either way it's much improved and the sound team deserve a pat on the back!

A new feature is something called champions mode where you compete against champions in a quick fire race. It is. Relatively easy for competent players even at the hardest level but it is still fun. 

There is also a new season mode which is a 10 round season where the races are short and qualifying is one shot rather than the full hours session in career mode. Again it is relatively easy but if you some time to kill its worth playing. 

Another new mode is the young drivers test which introduces the player to the game and core elements of driving. For someone who loves f1 games and played last years game to death it was a rather boring experience but for people who are not f1 fans and have never played the game it is probably a good thing.

The weather system has been improved this year, not only does it look far better, it also has a new localised weather feature within it. This basically means it could only be raining in one part of the track at a time so makes the choice of tyre for when you pit slightly more complicated and also more realistic as in real-life the whole track isn't going to get covered with rain at the same time, take this years Monaco GP as an example!

Multiplayer hasn't really changed from what I can tell which is a little disappointing for me but something I can live with as it incorporates the basics but in future games I would like to see a major overhaul, especially for league racers.

Overall I am extremely happy with the new game and I think Codemasters have done a fantastic job. The handling model is superb, the weather is gorgeous and the graphics in general have improved. Couldn't have asked for much more!



F1 2011 Review

January 16, 2012
F1 2011 Review 

F1 2011 is the follow up title of the bafta award winning F1 2010. Can it live up to its reputation?
F1 2011s graphics are its biggest let down. After f1 2010's fine graphics it is extremely disappointing that 2011's are not quite the same. They are OK. Just ok. Many at release were complaining that it is a game breaker. I can confirm that is not true. Since the 2nd and final patch there is a definite improvement. 

However it is still highly disappointing.



F1 20...

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