Wow today Thomas revealed the  official BMW M3 GT2 rim for ClubSport Wheel and it certainly is a looker. 
The wheel has several buttons and also a rev indicator as well as an LCD display for adjusting wheel settings and so on. 
It also had an analog stick for looking around whilst racing, A dpad for navigation, which is 5 way (4 ways + press down).

This wheel may put some people in a predicament about what rim to buy.. Rest assured I am planning on reviewing both rims. :)

Here's Thomas's statement:

Fanatec and BMW present the official M3 GT2 racing wheel rim which is compatible to the ClubSport wheel base. 

The rim was presented at the 25th anniversary of the BMW factory in Regensburg together with touring car champion Dirk Adorf.

I am proud that we are now working with another German premium car manufactuerer who never licensed a racing wheel before. BMW not only makes one of the best cars in the world, the brand BMW is one of the most valuable brands worldwide. It is an honour to be selected to make a wheel rim for them.

We had a close co-operation with BMW Motorsport and they supported us with everything we need to make this wheel.

I have personally a close relationship to BMW as BMW has a factory in Landshut and having 4 BMWs in my garage (incl. 3 BMW Isettas) and I did the Mille Miglia in a BMW which was my best car experience ever. (Followed by driving a Porsche 959 on the Autobahn when I was just 18)

Without further ado here's the video: