F1 2011 Review 

F1 2011 is the follow up title of the bafta award winning F1 2010. Can it live up to its reputation?
F1 2011s graphics are its biggest let down. After f1 2010's fine graphics it is extremely disappointing that 2011's are not quite the same. They are OK. Just ok. Many at release were complaining that it is a game breaker. I can confirm that is not true. Since the 2nd and final patch there is a definite improvement. 

However it is still highly disappointing.



F1 2011's handling is far better than the previous instalment. Catching slides is now very much possible unlike the previous game where even WDC Sebastian Vettel managed to lose control of his car. 

This new handling allows you to push as you actually feel the car has mechanical grip. This was something you could not feel on 2010 which felt like you were driving in ice. 

This handling allows you to replicate slides like Kamui Kobayashi at montreal last season!

New rules
The new rules and tyres have certainly helped spice up the racing in real f1 have been transferred to the game! So, has it worked? 

It's a mixed answer from me. The tyres have been a fantastic addition to the game. They have added an element of strategy about qualifying and the race! Do you 1 stop 2 stop or 3 stop? Do you qualify and primes and qualify in a low place and have an initially slower start to the race and a quicker end to the race or do you do the opposite? Very exciting indeed!

Do that's the great addition. What's the not so great addition? Well...
DRS and KERS make it extremely easy to ovetake in races. There is if course the option to defend with KERS. However that is not enough when you consider your opponent has use of DRS, KERS and the slip stream you leave when going down the straight.

I suppose the additions allow you to have the same discussions about the game as real life F1. 

Safety Car
The safety car was a highly anticipated feature to be added to the game. Sadly it hasn't lived upto the anticipation. Online the safety car lags massively. Very often the leader of the race is hit by the safety car. This causes an instant disqualification and is extremely frustrating when it happens to you! Most league races have turned it off. 

Hopefully that is one of the features Codemasters improve for f1 2012.

Pit stops
Pit stops have been improved a lot in terms if the time taken. Last year pit stops took around 7 second. This year pit stops are taking around 3/4. This is much closer to real life.

The thing that we have however lost is the ability to use the lit limiter. So now drivers are going full throttle into the pits. This causes crashes and can ruin immersion.

However overall I do feel there is an improvement.


F1 2011's gameplay is fantastic. The races are involving and lead to epic battles throughout the field when playing with players of similar ability. The graphics do not effect gameplay when you are immersed in controlling the car, nailing apex's, deploying KERS and working out the optimum strategy. 

Overall I would say f1 2011 is a must buy if you are a true f1 fan or a fan of Motorsports in general!

Rating 8.5/10