Hi all,

The first entry is going to be dedicated too my sim wheel experience.

My first wheel unfortunately was the mad catz micro, everyones gotta start somewhere, which in all seriousness was awful. So my first tip is not too go near that wheel if you are thinking of getting into Sim Racing.

Swiftly after the mad catz breaking i bought myself a PS3 which was a great move.

My first PS3 wheel was a Logitech DFGT. The wheel is great and costs only £89 which in my opinion is a bargain. Yes the pedals are shabby but the wheel itself shares many characteristics with the Logitech G27 which in many peoples opinion is the greatest wheel on the market but it costs less than half as much. Thats gotta be a good deal.
You can find my DFGT review HERE

 After the DFGT i moved onto a Fanatec GT2 which is better than the DFGT in many ways other than the price. It uses a belt drive force feedback system rather than a gear driven system. This allows for much more precise and smooth  FFB which gives an all round better feel to the car. Unfortunately after a few weeks the Power supply failed. 

So i bought a new supply on ebay..
Sadly a few weeks later a friend dropped the wheel and it smashed. I put it in the loft with the hope of fixing it one day however a relative put it in the bin several months later.
You can find my GT2 review HERE 

So at the minute i am still using my trusty DFGT until the Fanatec clubsport wheel comes out.
 I still have full written reviews on every wheel (all sourced except the CSR review) out their as my friends allow me to borrow theirs to keep the site updated... 
Before you think this is Logitech and Fanatec only, the link to the Thrustmaster Zone is HERE

Stick around for more news, blogs and reviews. Also feel free to contribute and join in through the forum HERE .