Dirt 3 review

Dirt 3 is the most recent title from Codemasters dirt franchise. The game focuses on off road racing, and more recently gymkhana. Here's how it got on. The game has a rallying heritage however codemasters have tried to give the game a more modern twist by including Gymkhana which was pioneered by Ken Block. Ken Block features quite heavily in the game too as your coach.


Dirt 3's graphics are fantastic. The frame rate is very smooth and the colours are stunning. The cars are all accurately modelled and the the tracks all look life like. The Codemasters dirt 3 team really do deserve some credit for this.

It's not gt5 standard but it is one of my favourite looking driving games on the market.


Dirts handling model is fantastically fun and entertaining. It maybe a bit 'arcadey' for some of the more hardcore Motorsport fans but it is very much an enjoyable! Getting the car to drift is relatively easy and controlling it is relatively easy but when your driving at speed it's drifting or sliding is certainly not what you want to be doing!

In gymkhana sliding is the aim of the game. However in a controlled and fashionable way. Ken block is the master of the 'sport' and he is the person coaching you through it in the game! It is fun but extremely frustrating at times. I have to say I'm pretty useless at it! But that's not a problem with the difficulty settings being adjustable. It is fun and allows you to let yourself loose during the career mode.

Driving aids are certainly a must the first time you play it. That or turning down the speed of the AI. I proffered the latter option but I would certainly recommend one if the two options for novices. So don't expect Sebastian Loeb style speed from the go. Playing the other dirt games before playing this would reduce the novice status a lot!

Dirt 3's Force feedback is also very good. On first play it feels like just one constant rumble. However when you play the game you start to feel the little subtle changes in the feedback allowing you to correct the car correctly. Good job CM! 


Gameplay is set out in a competition way were you have to earn a certain amount if points to progress to the next competition. The trouble with this is the final competition is really know more exciting or harder than the first competition in that series. The events do get rather repetitive but the options do help reduce the repetitive feel somewhat.

The mix of gymkhana and rally and other events is however a good mix and makes the game less of a chore and opens more doors about what you want to do on certain days and within the game itself. I personally prefer rallyx which is a land race with a group of cars racing at once on the same piece of track. This and head to head as it gives the game a more competitive edge.

I would certainly recommend this game to others even if they have no real interest in Motorsports as it is very easy to pick up and play. I personally do not follow rallying but I can happily play this game for a few hours and still be entertained. Whether or not I'd want this to be my only driving game is a different matter. But I would still recommend the game!


Rating 9/10